SmartCodeGenerator CTP2.0 Released with support for both .Net1.1 and .Net2.0

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Dec 2, 2006 at 4:11 AM
I am glad to inform the release of SmartCodeGenerator CTP 2.0 in both .Net1.1 and .Net2.0. As a result Templates can be generated both in VS2003 and VS2005.

Change Notes:
1. I am not using the Asp.Net Profile object in the core api to generate user interface, instead introduced a Custom class "TheProperties". Please refer to tutorials at for more details.

There are some other changes made to the framework to support both CSharp and VB.Net.
2. I am Not using Generics in the core Framework and in examples
3. The ScEventArgs was previously expecting a Dictionary<string,object> which is replaced by Hashtable all the new examples and tutorial reflects this changes.
4. PropertyTypeandUIPropertyTypeCollection is now read from PropertyAndUIPropertyMaps.xml which is available in the root folder of the project. As a result extending UIProperty for any .NetType and to map them to a useriterface has become easier.

GoodLuck on your next template either in .Net1.1 or .Net2.0 (in any of your preferred .Net Language ie. csharp, etc.

Please join the community site and please contribute templates and UIProperties.